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Allows companies to utilize experienced, certified outside HR professionals to tackle specific HR projects effectively.

When companies find themselves in need of support on a single human resources project, they turn to Iridium Consulting Company for insightful and effective support. From compliance audits and documentation projects to employee feedback surveys and ownership transitions, we can help support heavy lifts on projects that may be beyond the capacity of internal human resources functions. 

Ideal For
  • Small businesses with no HR function, or one that lacks the time, resources, or expertise to manage HR projects

  • Small businesses that have projects that would be best handled by an outside firm's expertise and perspective

How It Works
  • Each project is custom-quoted based on the size, scope, and timeline required

Payroll System Setup

We help clients find a payroll system that meets their business needs, then handle the full setup and launch for them. 

Payroll System Change

For clients that are unhappy with the payroll system, we help find and transition them to a new one that meets their needs.

Employee File Audit

We help clients identify gaps in employee files and assist with fixes for compliance, systems changes, M&A activity, or ownership changes.

Employee Documentation

For clients with no, incomplete, outdated, or non-compliant documentation (handbooks, offers, etc.) we help update or create a suite of documents that suit the needs of the business.

Compensation Analysis

We help clients review team compensation and develop an action plan to address changes needed for compliance, operations changes, performance, or competitive advantage.

Specific Policy Audit

We review the legality, effectiveness, and application of existing policies or create new policies to support the changing business needs of our clients.

Workforce Planning

We work with clients to understand upcoming growth and develop effective strategies to find and cultivate future labor needs to support their operations.

Employee Engagement Initiatives

We utilize effective methods to understand how employees view their employer and then provide insightful action plans for our clients to help increase employee engagement and retention effectively.


  • Do I have the time and bandwidth to tackle necessary HR projects?

  • Does my internal team have the expertise to effectively handle this HR project?

  • Would an outside perspective be better for this HR project?


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