As you operate a business, it can be difficult to navigate the unique people-related challenges within your business. We are here to help identify and provide solutions for issues today that allow you to proactively navigate your most valuable human capital assets tomorrow.



We are comfortable jumping in to any challenge you may be facing. When you need us, we are here. We are big believers in approaching human resource strategy and solutions from an ownership perspective to help our clients thrive whether through collaboration with existing HR personnel or for entities without any in-house HR support. 

For an overview of the human resources work we do, click here.

Ongoing full-scope recruitment
Employment documentation audit, documentation development and roll-out
COVID policy development & roll-out
Company-wide compensation assessment, restructuring and roll-out
Employee performance review process development and roll-out
Management training for succession planning​
"Top-notch company run by truly caring, professional, and amazing people. Caley and Whitney are exactly who you want to turn to when looking for new talent or a new role."
Doug Pearlman, GEM Program